4 Vitamin Products to Thicken Hair, Must Try!

Marshalova, thin hair can certainly reduce self -confidence coupled with the problem of severe loss. You can overcome this problem by using vitamins to thicken the hair with a variety of the best ingredients. 

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Hair is a crown for everyone, especially women. Therefore, there are many women who feel anxious when experiencing hair loss that ends in thinning hair. Basically, hair growth can be affected by many factors especially hormones.

 Diet, age, and ancestry are also factors that influence hair growth. However, you must also take proper care for normal hair growth. It can make hair well nourished. There are some great hair vitamin recommendations to improve hair growth to become thicker. 

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Hair Vitamin Recommendations

In fact, what kind of product is effective in preventing hair loss and thickening hair? Instead of being confused, let’s take a look at the following hair vitamin recommendations!

Natur Hair Vitamin 

vitamins to thicken hair

This one product must be tried to nourish hair growth. Natur Hair Vitamin there are two variants that you can choose according to taste. The benefits of the two variants tend to be the same, only the aromas produced are different. 

The first variant is Natur Hair Vitamin Aloe Vera Extract & Provitamin B5 which is able to provide nutrition to each strand of hair so as to be able to optimize hair growth. In addition, the hair can also be well hydrated and can give the hair a natural shine effect. Its use can be done after or before hair styling. This product is also rich in vitamin E which is able to maintain the natural moisture of the hair. The resulting aroma is fragrant and fresh with French Rose perfume. 

The second variant is Natur Hair Vitamin Olive Oil & Vitamin E which has the same benefits as the previous variant. It’s just that this vitamin product is specifically for hair that is often dyed. The fragrant and fresh aroma comes from the content of Sweet Vanilla perfume. 

Azarine Hair Serum Nutriglow Aloe Vera

vitamins to thicken hair

Vitamins to thicken hair are also blended by Azarine. You can try this variant Azarine Hair Serum product to speed up the hair growth process. In addition to tangling the hair, this product can also maintain the health and beauty of hair. 

This hair serum contains Trio blends miracle oil, namely olive oil, hazelnut oil and coconut oil that are excellent in nutrition, strengthen hair roots to prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth. Tired of thin and easy hair loss? This product is a must-have in your hair care routine!

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ERHA Hairgrow Serum

vitamins to thicken hair

The next hair vitamin recommendation is ERHA Hairgrow Serum. Using this serum on a regular basis can make hair grow thicker than before use. This product with Kopexil and Panax Ginseng content will reduce the amount of hair loss and accelerate hair regeneration. Blood circulation is increasing so that it is able to nourish the hair better. 

This hair care product is highly recommended for hair owners with severe hair loss and thinning hair. You do not have to worry about the safety of the product because this hair serum is safe for use on sensitive scalp though. 

L’Oreal Professional Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum

vitamins to thicken hair

You can also use hair vitamin products from L’Oreal. Its benefits can make hair healthier and not experience hair loss that ends in thinning hair. Stemoxydine content of 5% and Resveratrol are useful to strengthen and accelerate hair growth. 

The claim of this product is that it can grow 1000 hairs in six weeks with regular use. How to use this hair vitamin is the same as other hair vitamin products, that is, after rinsing without the need to rinse. 

If the loss you experience is getting worse, immediately use vitamins to thicken the hair to prevent premature baldness. From the hair vitamin recommendations above, which one makes you curious?