The Favorite Destination of Bali

When choosing Bali as your destination that means you will have so much fun in it. Because Bali known so many destination as favorite places to enjoying holiday. With Bali Car Rental, you will explore so many favorite destination in Bali without any hesitation and feeling worried about unlocated places.

Recommended Favorite Destination of Bali

There are so many favorite destination that you can visit at Bali. The following places is known as common popular destination in Bali that you can explore with ride from Bali Car Rental:

  • Kuta Beach

First recommended favorite destination of Bali that you can visit is Kuta Beach. This Beach have beautiful view even during sunset and sunrise. Also, this places serves so many facilities that you can use like culinary, surfing, and others.

Kuta Beach located on Jalan Pantai Kuta, you can use Bali Car Rental services to make you go there. So, you don’t bother to go by yourself and ask maps to drive you there. This Kuta Beach open 24 hours, but like the unique times to have beautiful view, suggested you go at 16.00 – 19.00 WIB.

  • Pura Uluwatu

Second recommendation favorite destination of Bali is Pura Uluwatu. This pura located at Jl. Pedestrian Walk that you can drive by using service from Bali Car Rental. The open time is at 07.00 – 19.00 WIB, so you will have so much fun with long time at that place.

Pura Uluwatu become favorite destination because its beautiful view will bring the aesthetic and calm to your soul. You also can see the sunset as unique view in this place. Don’t forget to enjoy and picturing your moment become memorable photos!^^

  • Danau Beratan Bedugul

The last place known as favorite destination in Bali is Danau Beratan Begudul. This place is unique because there is Pura in the middle of lake. You can picturing this beautiful view and enjoying fresh air from this lake.

Danau Beratan Bedugul located in Candikuning, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali. This place open 24 hours so you can spend so much fun and enjoying memorable places in long time.

The favorite destination above will bring your vacation in Bali become so much fun and memorable. You can use Bali Car Rental for drive you to those places. The service and driver that services by Bali Car Rental will make you enjoying those favorite destination without left even one places to see.